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TMJ therapy using joint vibration analysis

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While there is no true recognized specialty of dentistry in TMJ management, Dr. Caughey is specially trained in creating an accurate diagnosis and in selecting the correct specific treatment of TMJ Dysfunction and bite malocclusion.

The term TMD covers a broad range of dysfunctions and disorders of the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ), aka the jaw joint. While 70% of damaged jaw joints will adapt favorably without therapy, the poor adaptation for the other 30% can cause pain, changes in the bite, difficulty chewing and more. The TMJ is evaluated on four basic criteria:


  • Comfort
  • Movement
  • Mechanical stability
  • Structural stability

When one or more of these factors are out of harmony, the likelihood that the TMJ is actively breaking down and adapting unfavorably increases and warrants more investigation to assess the condition.  Dr. Caughey’s comprehensive evaluation for patients with TMJ Dysfunction may include:


  • Detailed clinical exam, including muscle testing, range of motion studies
  • Occlusal analysis–a study of how the teeth rub against each other
  • Mounted study models and diagnostic photographs
  • Computerized bite analysis using the T-Scan technology
  • Evaluation of joint noise using the JVA (joint vibration analysis) device
  • CBCT X-ray of the bones of the face and jaw**
  • MRI of the soft tissue, muscles and cartilages of the face and jaw**

**Referred out to Diagnostic Imaging of Atlanta[/two_thirds]

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