Teaching Bite Splint Therapy

Teaching Bite Splint Therapy
July 28th, 2015 | Learning & Leadership | Comments Off on Teaching Bite Splint Therapy

Teaching Bite Splint Therapy

My learning journey with bite splint therapy started in 2002 when I took the second level course at the Pankey Institute. . . this is a class that really tied some concepts together for me and gave me both a rationale and a method for helping patients with occlusal trauma (bite and/or TMJ jaw joint distress).  What I had previously intuited was a fundamental understanding now became science, and my passion for creating comfort for others was ignited!

It is a distinct honor to  have been asked again –  to be asked to teach the Essentials of Bite Splint Therapy at the Pankey Institute.  In July 2015, I along with two of my favorite people, George Platt of Little Rock and Mike Rolfes of Cincinnati, fulfilled the Pankey motto of Quid Pro Quo; giving back the learning to the continuous cycle of dentists who strive to make this profession more predictable, more expansive, and more satisfying.

Caughey TMD muscle exam
Caughey teaching bite splint fabrication
Caughey teaching bite splint adjustment

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