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Dr. Caughey has received specialized training in dental sleep medicine, which can help break the cycle of poor sleep quality and chronic fatigue.The goal for these snoring sleep apnea appliances is the same: to open the airway and improve quality of life. With treatment, most of our patients report waking more refreshed and experiencing fewer morning headaches.

By improving quality of sleep over time, mental concentration and an increased sense of well-being returns. In addition to feeling better, our patients can expect to have clinical evidence of improved air flow while wearing the snoring sleep apnea appliance. During the initial six week period of fitting and adjusting the settings on the snoring sleep apnea appliance, a patient will be asked to take home the sleep monitoring device so that we can measure the results and make changes for the ideal outcome.

The process starts with a thorough evaluation, and frequently a referral from a sleep physician (ENT, primary care, or pulmonologist) with a prescription for the service.  Patients who typically seek an oral appliance for sleep apnea and snoring treatments may have tried C-PAP therapy and failed it – frequently due to claustrophobia, mask leakage, or poor acceptance by a bed partner.

If you have not yet been diagnosed as having sleep apnea, but seem to suffer chronically from fatigue, you may indeed have a sleep disordered breathing condition that is relatively easy to treat.  To see if your fatigue may be related, check your sleepiness level on the free Epworth Sleepiness Scale here:



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