[half]Advanced Dental Hygiene
Advanced dental hygiene is an attitude of being proactive – our hygienists’ goal is to help our patients achieve and maintain their optimal oral health!
Healthy gums create a tight seal around the neck of the tooth, helping to prevent bacteria from causing an infection. With over 300 types of bacteria present in the oral cavity, that is quite a job. There are two main types of gum disease: reversible, and irreversible.[/half][half]Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry
A smile represents a variety of feelings from subtle dry humor to unbridled enthusiasm and joy.  What our smile says about us depends on how freely we use it. But for many people, a cosmetic defect in their own smile will prevent them from shining brightly.  Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry are two different ways of describing what Dr. Caughey can do to help free our patients into their fullest expression of self.[/half]
[half]Cold Laser Therapy
A natural part of healing includes the swelling of tissue, which brings your body’s own chemicals to repair the area. Swelling, however, causes pain, which often makes the muscles around the injury contract, causing more swelling and re-starting the cycle of pain and discomfort, leaving the area swollen. To break this cycle, Dr. Caughey uses the MLS cold laser on the site.[/half]
[half]Reconstructive Dentistry
The crossover of general dentistry into restorative, comprehensive, reconstructive dentistry occurs when there are complicating factors in the general dentistry. There are frequently many teeth needing a combination of crowns or bridges, implants, and some element of occlusal rehabilitation, orthodontics, and/or cosmetic correction.[/half]
[half]Preventative & General Dentistry
General dentistry is important for general health, for the whole family! We love helping our new mothers learn about proper oral care for their babies, and introducing them to help with teething and nutrition for growing mouths. As the child grows, general dentistry serves to monitor growth and development, and coordinate care with pediatric and orthodontic specialists.[/half][half]
Snoring Sleep Apnea Appliance
Dr. Caughey has received specialized training in dental sleep medicine, which can help break the cycle of poor sleep quality and chronic fatigue.The goal for these snoring sleep apnea appliances is the same: to open the airway and improve quality of life. With treatment, most of our patients report waking more refreshed and experiencing fewer morning headaches.[/half]
[half]TMJ & Bite Therapy
While there is no true recognized specialty of dentistry in TMJ management, Dr. Caughey is specially trained in creating an accurate diagnosis and in selecting the correct specific treatment of TMJ Dysfunction and bite malocclusion.[/half]

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