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Causes of swelling and pain

A natural part of healing includes the swelling of tissue, which brings your body’s own chemicals to repair the area. ¬†Swelling, however, causes pain, which often makes the muscles around the injury contract, causing more swelling and re-starting the cycle of pain and discomfort, leaving the area swollen.

How Cold Laser Therapy helps

To break this cycle, Dr. Caughey uses the MLS cold laser on the site. The pulsed wavelength (808) is analgesic, reducing transmission of pain along the nerve. The continuous wavelength (905) increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and thereby allows faster reabsorption of irritants to the cells (like prostaglandins, bradykinins, histamine, K+, Ca++, and H+ ions, for example).

Most diode lasers have only the potential for pulsed or continuous wavelength emission. The MLS laser is the first of its kind to offer both simultaneously, as the two waveforms have been synchronized. This drastically speeds up the healing process and decreases pain sensation.

Length of Treatment

Each treatment takes just 2-3 minutes per site. Single small areas like an ulcer or toothache may take only one visit while acute wound healing and swelling can take 3-6 visits. For chronic conditions like long-standing injury or postural maladaptation to an old injury, plan for 6-12 weeks of therapy.


Depending on tissue density, the laser can reach 3-5 cm deep and typical results show a 50%-70% reduction in pain within 10 minutes of completing laser therapy.[/two_thirds]

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