ALF as Airway Appliance

ALF as Airway Appliance
December 17th, 2016 | Snoring and Sleep Apnea Dental Solutions | Comments Off on ALF as Airway Appliance

ALF as Airway Appliance

Can an orthodontic appliance like the ALF serve to open the airway?  We think so!

This diagram shows the anatomical relationship between the roof of the mouth (palatine and maxillae bones) and the base of the nose.


Anatomy of roof of mouth

[/half][half]ALF appliance


If an ALF Advanced Lightwire Fuctional appliance can gently spread these maxillae and palatine sutures, the turbulence of the air in the nasal passages stands a chance to reduce. To see if you are a candidate, try this test: Gently pull the skin to the side of your nostrils, and breathe in. If this improves your ability to breathe greatly, you likely have a restricted airflow that may be improved with an ALF appliance.

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